We have developed several Java-based solution, Java is a popular client-side programming technology used in most solutions.


Our experts will give you all you need with .Net driven solutions. The .Net framework opens up the opportunity to design powerful solutions based on leading-edge technologies.


PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is a server-side scripting language utilized for web development and as a general-purpose programming language. The beauty of this dynamic language is that it can be used with a broad array of relational database management systems.


We specialize in Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development using the power of Microsoft Silverlight, AJAX, Java FX, Adobe Flex / Flash and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) technologies to deliver successful and profitable web 2.0 solutions to our customers.


We structure database design, database development, and database management; our services include database programming for MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, PostgreSQL, and others.


Upon client request and sometimes recommendation we provide freeware/open source components integration, content management systems customization, portals, web development solutions, design integration, Open Source projects management and modification, modules development, etc.


ioS is increasingly taking over the market space, if you must take your business mobile then you must deploy Ios solution.


Our Android programmers apply Android SDK and Open Source Simple programming language to develop Android applications quickly and use components of this runtime system efficiently.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone 8 - to implement the cutting-edge mobile solutions for the customers. We also provide migration to the latest version of the mobile operating system and porting of the existing desktop and mobile applications to Windows Phone.

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